About Us

Sfusion is a Black/Woman/Veteran owned company. We are ALL about fusing  American, and World influence to produce the best ORGANIC products with the finest ingredients!

We produce "Top Shelf"  Mustards, Clothing, and Skin Care products. Our mustards are made with organic (Kosher) mustard seeds, and fused with natural spices from around the world. Our mustards  have health benefits! ONLY 5 calories per/serving and contains spices known to treat inflammation, digestive disorders, respiratory infections, allergies, liver disease, depression, and many others. No Sugar-honey based.

Not looking for mustard? Are you in pain? In need of sleep? Looking to boost your hair growth? Tired of keloids from cosmetic surgery? Looking for a good hair and body moisturizer? Sfusion is your one stop shopping! We have organic food for pain, anxiety, keloids, and moisturizing. ALL proven to work by our "Grassroot" customers.

We also sell  SFUSION clothing line with catchy phrases that "Wake" the Nation! Help Sfusion bring us together as "human beings" by buying an Sfusion T-shirt and spreading the word.

"Soul-fused" “Real Food” made better for your SFUSION experience!  

Our owner suffers from chronic pain, is a creative chef with years of northern-southern cooking, engineering, world travel, and education, this is what “Sfusion” is all about.

"Bringing the World Together Organically"